Principal's Message

“Success Comes from Knowing that you did your best to become the best that you Capable of becoming”

The Goal of real Education is to Provide all Students with the tools they need to Succeed in life, while promoting social Values and Responsibilities Towards Society.

I am very Delighted and glad that being part of Mount Litera Zee School Muzaffarpur is an Opportunity to be the Channel of Change which could be brought by the right opportunities and right kind of Environment for our young learner.

The world is changing very fast and so is the need of right kind of education which enable our young Citizen to fully equipped to take the challenges of 21st Century Skill.

We, at Mount litera Zee School takes every detail of those need and Render the well-Researched and latest Methods of Education System.

Our State of art infrastructure qualified and experience team of teachers and Conducive Environment add synergy to our efforts to provide stress free expense learning to the student the help of sports and cultural exposure help the student in sharpening their skill.

I thank my parents for trusting us and supporting us to groom the leaders for a better tomorrow.


Arti Jha